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Cliff, Brad and Bob with their Henry rifles

The J.J. Henry rifle and the fur trade

The Henry Gunworks of Boulton, Pennsylvania was the largest supplier of trade rifles to the American Fur Company during the hey day of the Rocky Mountain fur trade era (1825 - 1840) The Henry family built over 100,000 rifles, pistols, and shotguns for 150 years.

My Journey

My name is Larry Walker. After joining the American Mountain Men in 2003 I got interested, along with my Pard Steve Hill, in recreating these rifles in a desire for an historically correct firearm to carry. There is a very limited supply of correct parts available so I began researching and building the hardware needed to build these guns.

The Trade Rifles

There are three basic styles of rifles supplied to the fur trade companies, the English Pattern, American or Lancaster Pattern, and the Scroll Guard or "New English" Pattern. While the English Pattern and Scroll Guard seam to have remained consistent, the American Pattern varies in it's architecture.


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